One-stop Website Services

Access Enterprises provides a full-service approach to providing you and your company with a website: design, creation, interactive features, search engine indexing, hosting, and domain name research and registration. Although each website is unique, Access Enterprises offers specific packages which help you to plan your budget.

During a thirty-minute free consultation session, Access Enterprises will assess your website needs and advise you on what services are best for you and your company! In addition to the web packages below, we can also provide forms, pop-up windows, animations, "mouseover" effects, and other interactive elements for your current site; create "stand-alone" animation, web-movie, and slide-show services; train your staff to maintain your website; and provide website maintenance on a monthly basis to encourage your customers keep coming back for the latest information!

5-5-5 Special for $500!

Access Enterprises is offering a special introductory price of $500 for basic website design and development: 

  • 5 letter-size equivalent pages of web copy & graphics
  • 5 business days turn-around time 
  • 5 months of web hosting at

As a part of this special offer, Access Enterprises will provide a personal or telephone consultation with you for a minimum of thirty minutes as to the style or approach you which to take.

In order to assure you of the fastest turn-around time, we require that all copy, graphics, and photographs be supplied electronically. The five business days is marked from the time this material is received.

Access Enterprises can also provide scanning services for photographs, graphics, and hardcopy; original custom graphics; on-line photograph research; and a confidential digital photographer for your personal photos. However, the website development may take longer than the five business days advertised and additional charges may apply.

As part of this special offer, Access Enterprises will host the finished website for five months, using the URL (web address) of, where yourname is any word or phrase that is technically possible. After this time or as an alternative, you can use your current on-line service for hosting the finished website (such as America On-Line), you can set-up a free webhosting account (such as with GeoCities), contract for paid webhosting services (such as through Earthlink/Mindspring), or you can remain with Access Enterprises for a minimum of $10 per month.

Domain registration (i.e., creating a web address such as is not included in this offer -- but Access Enterprises can provide this service for an additional fee. The amount of the fee will depend on whether domain name research is required, whether you have a webhost already established, and whether you wish to have us establish an web account on your behalf.

The copy, photographs, and graphics must be the sole property of the client, who is responsible for assuring that none of this material is copyright-protected. All materials must also be within federal law and the terms of service of the Access Enterprises webhost. Access Enterprises is not responsible for any omissions or oversights in the material provided by the client.

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$1,000+ Professional Website

Professional website service includes: 

  • Consultation with website designer
  • A minimum of three designs to choose from
  • Nine letter-size equivalent pages 
  • Up to 20 graphics and/or photos
  • Custom-designed graphic elements
  • Turn-around time of 20 business days
  • Unlimited web and e-mail links
  • Domain name research and registration (domain name registration fee is extra)
  • Advice on web hosting options (we'll connect you with a either free site or set up an account for you at the Mindspring server, which charges a monthly fee.) 

$2,500+ State of the Art "Flash" Website

Macromedia Flash has revolutionized the way websites look and act! You can add eye-catching graphics and engaging interactivity which will attract and retain the interest of your target audiences. 

In addition to the above, Access Enterprises will create storyboards for the individual "scenes," develop slide shows and audio files, and construction the "web movie" that shows your company to the best advantage! Or we can create a stand-alone slide show that can either be incorporated into a website or run as a separate program.

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